Our History

The first Board of Trade in Canada formed in 1750; the Morden Board of Trade was incorporated on March 27, 1890 preceding incorporation of the village of Morden by five years. It changed its name and officially became the Morden & District Chamber of Commerce on May 24, 1960

In 2021, the name of the Chamber changed to be in alignment with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce Branding.  The Morden Chamber of Commerce is an affiliated partner with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce. In addition, the Chamber became accredited by the Chamber Accreditation Council of Canada (CACC) in 2021.



The Morden Board of trade was established March 27, 1890. The first recorded minutes were in 1903. There were 26 members with annual fees of $2 each.


Issues facing the Board of Trade included a new drainage system and inadequate CPR railway service.  Winnipeg Elevator Co. was approached regarding grain prices and recommendations were made to construct cement sidewalks and build a municipal light station.



In 1905 the Board of Trade suggested to Town Council to consider purchasing land for a park. 20 Years later a Tourist Camp was established and is currently the Morden Park.


Morden was becoming known as the “Corn and Apple belt” with the Board of Trade being involved in every aspect of community life.



The Board of Trade supported a campaign called “grow caragana and keep your soil at home” assisting farmers in obtaining 30,000 trees. In March 1937 The Board of Trade recommended to the Town of Morden and the R.M of Stanley the erection of a dam across the dead horse creek. The dam was built in 1953.


The Board of Trade presented a proposal to the Town Council to install a water and sewer system, making Morden one the first towns in Manitoba to offer the service.



The Board of Trade was involved in the initiation of Morden establishing a government liquor store, a new skating rink, curling rink and became involved in getting Morden residents to add house numbers to all homes and renaming streets.


The Board of Trade was instrumental in raising funds for the Hospital Building Program.



The Chamber of Commerce started the Corn & Apple Festival as a Canadian Centennial Project.  The Corn & Apple Festival is still going strong today.


The Morden & District Chamber of Commerce approached Town Council about establishing a full time Chamber and office space. In 1971 space was provided in the former post office building (currently the Pembina Hills Art Gallery).



The first members and spouse golf tournament was held. The golf tournament is still an annual event.


The Chamber of Commerce office moved to the new Civic Centre.



The 100th Anniversary of the Morden Chamber is celebrated with a Gala evening & a plaque commemorating the past presidents.


The Chamber of Commerce hosted a public information meeting about Morden getting 911 service.



The Chamber presses the province to do more to open up trade with other provinces by submitting a resolution to the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce.


The Chamber of Commerce hosted a Gala event honouring Loreena McKennitt. In 2003 the office location moved from the Civic Centre to the corner of 8th & N. Railway Street.



The Chamber of Commerce celebrates Morden’s 125th year by hosting a Gala and donating the Mayor’s Chain of Office which was presented to the presiding Mayor, His Worship Douglas Wilson.


The Morden Chamber hosts their first Awards Gala & honors businesses in the following award categories: Best Environmental Initiative, Innovation Award, Best Marketing Campaign, Community Influence Award & Young Entrepreneur Award.



A partnership is formed with the Corn & Apple Festival and the Morden Chamber to purchase the former RM of Stanley building; the City of Morden supported the purchase with a mortgage guarantee and the two organizations moved to 379 Stephen Street.


The Morden Chamber celebrates 125 years with a free member luncheon & guest speakers Chuck Davidson, President & CEO, Manitoba Chamber of Commerce and Michael McMullen, Chair, Canadian Chamber of Commerce.



After entering an agreement with Imperia Management Inc the building at 379 Stephen Street was torn down with a new 4 story residential/commercial building to be constructed. The Chamber moved to temporary office space at 104 8th Street.


Morden Chamber of Commerce & Corn & Apple Festival moved back to the newly constructed 379 Stephen Street where they own condominium office space on the main floor. As the COVID-19 pandemic gripped the world the chamber worked closely with the Province of Manitoba on numerous emergency funding reliefs for business and kept members informed on evolving federal and provincial government programs and public health orders.