01. AGM Minutes and Budget 

2023 – Annual General Meeting [April 18, 2024]
Welcome and Land Acknowledgment – Tyler Schroeder, Morden Chamber of Commerce Chairperson
Greetings – Reeve Ike Friesen, RM of Stanley
2023 Highlights
Annual General Meeting – Call to Order
Adoption of Agenda
Adoption of the Minutes of the 2023 Annual General Meeting held April 13, 2023
Adoption of the 2023 Financial Report
Adoption of the 2024 Budget
Appointment of Accountant
Adoption of By-Laws
Election of Directors
Brent Laverty, Crocus Real Estate – 2 year term
Susan Lee, Checker Signs – 2 year term
Derek Hamilton, BDO Canada – 2 year term
Mariyam Tsygankova, Many Hands Resource Centre – 2 year term
Connie Pauls, Décor Cabinets – 2 year term
Leah Olson, Morden Nurseries and Garden Centre – 2 year term
Adjourn the Annual General Meeting
State of the City Address – City of Morden Mayor Nancy Penner
Closing Comments
Board of Directors 2023
Tyler Schroeder, Chairperson Royal Bank of Canada
Derek Wiebe, Vice Chairperson Northern Steel Buildings
Derek Hamilton, Treasurer BDO Canada LLP
Grant Nicholson Rendezvous Brewery
Susan Lee Checker Signs
Brent Laverty Crocus Real Estate
Stéphane Warnock PKF Lawyers
Zoraia Constantino Drive Products
Clare Agnew, Executive Director, January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Member Services Committee
Susan Lee – Lead
Grant Nicholson
Zoraia Constantino
Clare Agnew
Jason Lopez – volunteer
Truce Odu – volunteer
Networking & Promotion Committee
Derek Hamilton – Lead
Brent Laverty
Clare Agnew
Marlene Lindal – volunteer
Michelle Sawatzky – volunteer
Advocacy & Leadership Committee
Stéphane Warnock – Lead
Tyler Schroeder
Derek Wiebe
Clare Agnew
Reg Braun – Volunteer
Agenda and Documents