We would like to take this time to announce the departure of our long-time Executive Director, Candace Collins, who has advised the Chamber that she has accepted new position with one of our members.

While we are, selfishly, disappointed to lose such a valued member of our team, on a personal level we couldn’t be more pleased that Candace was offered a new and exciting opportunity, that just couldn’t be passed up!

There is no doubt that the Chamber has been the beneficiary of Candace’s efforts over the years, and particularly so during the pandemic, which the Chamber was able to weather due, in no small part, to her vision and diligence.

Even though the loss of Candace will certainly be felt by the Chamber, it will be the gain of her new employer, as we are confident that she will bring the same exceptional level of care, positive attitude and work ethic to her new position. 

We would ask that you join with us, in wishing Candace well and she embarks on this new and exciting journey. 


The Morden Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors